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The persons who commited the crime were allowed to walk away even though Florida State and U.S. Federal laws say they should have been charged.

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My beloved daughter Rhiannnon Dawn Fraser age 20.

11-10-89 ~ 4-8-10

Dead at the hands of a narcotic pill, The dealer and persons present in the house who didn't call 911 to save her.


My precious daughter Rhiannon Dawn Fraser age 20 was found dead on April 8th, 2010 at 1705 Valencia Avenue Ormond Beach, Florida. 32174. My daughter was introduced at that house at a party to a lethal combination of Oxycodone and Alprazolam, in the early morning hours. Overdoses of this type in a young adult where there is no built up tolerance to these prescription narcotics, because they aren't addicted leads to devastating results. My daughter most likely suffered vomiting, seizures, frothing at the mouth, turning blue before suffocating to death as her lungs filled up with fluids. She was found naked with her cell phone and bank card next to her, condoms close by. Her purse and food were in her truck. She was acknowledged by at least 4 people in this state and chose not to call myself or family from her cell phone or 911. Instead they chose to get their stories straight so they wouldn’t look like they were at fault at all,  especially the drug dealer, therefore not incriminating themselves but to only watch my daughter dying for over 9 hours until she was dead and then call 911. One of the animals who resides at that address has an extensive drug arrest record having at least 15 drug charges with drug arrests and had 4 more drug arrests after she was found dead and has been purchasing Oxycodone by the 100's after that according to our new prescription data base. There has been over 30 police calls of criminal occurrences to that address of narcotics, another death, multiple stolen vehicles, multiple assault & battery / weapons, car break-ins, a string of missing persons, larceny etc. The other three people who witnessed my daughter dying also have criminal records, one of them for forging checks and fraud, the other for multiple assault and battery charges and the other was arrested for beating aman to death but later the charges were dropped. My daughter had traffic violations. He has recently been arrested for Armed Robbery and Grand Theft on an elderly neighbor.  My daughter Rhiannon was attending college & had been to MEPS for her physical to enter the Army. She shared an apartment with her sister Genevieve and was legally on the lease with her at the time. She had no prescriptions for narcotics at any time in her life ever and has never been to a pill mill to obtain prescriptions. No one was arrested at that house the day she was found dead . Her perpetrator had three more drug arrests after my daughter was found dead and has been purchasing  Oxycodone by the 100’s according to our new prescription data base. Investigators told me that they "know he is the drug dealer" and they "know he gave her the drugs". Why was she with these people you ask? Because an infrequent acquaintance introduced her to them at a party a few weeks before. Of course my daughter had money & a vehicle and looked like a nice easy target why wouldn't they remember her. I had met my daughter the night before she was found dead. A text had come over her phone that read, "If you are reading this, you have missed the rapture, Big G. " It was from one of these friends. Did they plan to kill my daughter? One of these new acquaintances needed a ride the night before she was found dead. She kept calling and texting Rhiannon while I was there to come get her and give her a ride. Even though Rhiannon didn't want to go she left to go save herfriend anyway. And the friend wouldn't save her. They all lied to the Volusia County Sheriff Dept investigators.

IF you know something say something.

We want justice for Rhiannon. The only thing is they wouldnt talk. Email me (Rhiannon's Mom) at Rhiannonsredpepper@hotmail.com for her case # or anything else. Thank you for reading my daughter's days and hours leading up to her death.


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